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About me

I read the Rumi poem that inspired my choice of this site name over 20 years ago. Every year I have renewed the domain. Once in a while, I would create a site and work on it for a while. Even though I have often let this project fall to the wayside, I have never been able to give up the site domain.

The message of this poem, for me, is that this life is essentially a place of discovery and learning and that while we may aim to be “fully wise” while we live our life, it is not about arriving there. It’s about the “burning in the flames”. And so, as I burn, I will share what it feels right to share without any expectation but a hope that it will help someone the way it helped me.

Blog Posts

Still deciding what to share here.

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What I blog about

My Story

Some of the things I will write about: books, movies and music that shift me. Realisations that saturate my experience of life.